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We produce Boxes for multiple packaging needs.

Andal provides users with strong, and sturdy universal boxes that are thoroughly tested to withstand all kinds of packaging challenges.

There are some marked differences between 3 Ply and 5 Ply corrugated boxes. For one, the layers of paper forming the board differ.

Cut out of plain sheets of corrugated material die cut boxes are customizable and available in different shapes and sizes. Besides,

Also called greyboard Duplex Board uses cardboard or paperboard. It is called the duplex board because it contains two plies or layers.

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Packaging and corrugated boxes are available in a variety of styles and combinations, from standard box sizes to customized solutions.

Supply Chain

Andal Packaging’s strong supply chain process will ensure that you get the right kind of service and the exact product that you ordered for.

Product Packaging

Andal Packaging is one of the most dynamic packaging manufacturers in the industry. We produce multi-coloured packaging and corrugated boxes

Andal Packaging

Logistics Management

Andal Packaging is a premier supplier of corrugated boxes for the car and machine parts industry. Our products are highly customer centric