Manufacturer of corrugated boxes

Packaging and corrugated boxes are available in a variety of styles and combinations, from standard box sizes to customized solutions. Manufacturing and developing corrugated boxes in all sizes as per customer requirement. Step by step inspection process and quality checks strictly followed in manufacturing carton boxes. We are producing desired suitable boxes with testing, monitoring, analyze and quality under management level supervision.

Univesral Box

Andal provides users with strong, and sturdy universal boxes that are thoroughly tested to withstand all kinds of packaging challenges.

Temperature resistant: Andal produces boxes that possess effective thermal resistance. With appropriate design, and using materials that have low thermal conductivity, the boxes act as good insulators thus conveniently protecting the material inside from heat.
Superb Strength: With excellent mechanical properties, Andal’s Universal boxes are lightweight and yet, strong. They are bend resistant, impact-resistant, and tear-resistant among others and exhibit superior box compression strength.
Compact Design: Our Universal boxes are designed to accommodate compact packaging while still possessing structural strength. These are cost-effective and sustainable.
High Performance: When there is long-term storage required, Andal’s Universal boxes are the best. Produced using exceptional material, the boxes come with high stacking strength and can be efficiently utilized for pharma, hardware, solutions, metals, and a variety of other supplies.
Longer Life: Andal’s Universal corrugated boxes do not tear easily and therefore, last for an exceptionally long time. Furthermore, these can withstand long shipping times.
Environment Friendly: Andal Packaging’s Universal boxes are biodegradable, recyclable, and reusable. These are, therefore, highly environment friendly.

Andal’s Universal boxes are produced using high-quality material and constantly tested to ensure good strength and durability. We provide you with different types of boxes to address a variety of packaging needs.

3 ply and 5 ply Box

Andal Packaging’s 3 Ply Corrugated boxes use two sheets of Kraft paper with one fluted medium sandwiched in between. Most of the lightweight items can be stored and packed in these boxes. Single walls can be really cost-effective when you are couriering items as they are lightweight and even offer the kind of protection that is required.
Andal’s 5 PLY Corrugated boxes are double-walled and use two fluted mediums but require three sheets of Kraft paper. These boxes are crush-resistant and can be stacked for longer periods of time. Products that are heavier than usual and require high protection are usually packed in the 5 Ply. Our boxes are strong, durable, and endure for prolonged periods.

There are some marked differences between 3 Ply and 5 Ply corrugated boxes. For one, the layers of paper forming the board differ. 5 Ply is a strong box used to ship heavy products and therefore contains more layers. 3 Ply corrugated boxes may hold up to 15 kgs, while 5 Ply can hold up to 40 kgs.
Andal Packaging has a variety of boxes in various sizes. Check with our experts to choose the right one for you.

From the smallest to the largest boxes, Andal Packaging manufactures and makes them conveniently available for you, online. We provide packing cartons, shipping supplies, and corrugated boxes.

Die cut Box

Cut out of plain sheets of corrugated material die cut boxes are customizable and available in different shapes and sizes. Besides, at Andal Packaging, you can use die cut boxes across a variety of requirements.

Engineers at Andal Packaging come together to design the die cut boxes after which the die press configured to the cut the cardboard to the required dimensions. Further customization may involve printing logs, graphics, warnings, etc.

Die cut boxes translate to savings. This is primarily because fully customized boxes are meant to fit the actual requirement, which a standard box cannot do. Therefore, using tailor your boxes to preserve your product during transit or storage.

Minimize wastage of space during shipping when you use Andal’s die cut boxes. Their shapes, sizes and measurements are precise so that they can fit your product in, neatly. This also saves you the need for excessive packaging such as foam packaging, thus saving you a lot of money.

Duplex Box

Also called greyboard Duplex Board uses cardboard or paperboard. It is called the duplex board because it contains two plies or layers. One side of the exterior is coated with a glossy sheen – the surface is coated such to enable superior printing.

Measured in gsm (grams per square meter) or millimeter, the paper board thickness for packaging is as follows: 1.5MM=900gsm, 2MM=1200gsm, 3MM=1800gsm. It can be used to pack a variety of fragile items including electronics, and other consumer durables such as beverages, foods, etc.

Double Side Gray Board Duplex is extremely strong and yet thin in consistency. It is bright white in appearance and is used to ship a variety of smaller goods.

Coated duplex cardboard is tough and thin and different when compared to the corrugated fiberboard. The product is highly water-resistant and can be used for packaging that requires high-quality printing. Besides, you can ship pharmaceuticals, paper plates, and other relatively lightweight material, without any damages with this duplex box.