24x7 Service and ontime delivery


You can place your order through call, text and mail. Utmost care will be taken from manufacturing till the prodct is delivered.

Supply Chain

We providing a good service for supply chain. We provide and service corrugated boxes desired sizes in supply chain managemnet. We providing various styles and combinations of corrugated boxes that can be cut and folded to create various shapes as per customer requirement. We deliver your order on specified time and also taking care from beginning process to till reach your hand.


Our manufacturing unit is efficient in fulfilling your customized packaging requirements.

Product Packaging

Andal Packaging is the best dynamic packaging manufacturer in the packing industry. We produce packaging and corrugated boxes in multi-color and printing dynamic sizes. We producing and good service for lightweight corrugated boxes and easy handling. Andal Packaging Industry has a strong focus on quality with the aim of increasing the strength of carton boxes and weight ratio. We are one of the best packaging and corrugated box manufacturer in the industry.


Our products can be customized as per customer requirements.

Logistics Management

We produce and supply a huge level of corrugated boxes for car parts and machine parts as per customer desired. Packaging and Corrugated boxes made in innovative. It can be located in the warehouse bin or any storage bin handling easy. Easy handling from one place to another place easily. You can order at any time. We provide a service product for 24x7 service. If you need any help (or) queries please feel free to call us: Ph: 9894196788
Contact person: Mr. Thiyagarajan